Nowadays MD Films is launching their first block of videos to be showcased on the Rarible platform. It is a block of nine videos titled Unlock Secrets that exposes abuse as an alarming social issue, a subject relevant to an astonishing number of people who, in so many cases, are reluctant to talk about it.


MD Films team strongly believes that abuse should be eradicated from modern society. 

The inspiration to create this block of videos was to send a message that the way to free oneself from an abusive situation is to speak it out - Unlock Secrets


We’ll donate 10% from our NFT-income to UNICEF and Dubai Cares charities funds.

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All the secrets come out

It is incredibly difficult to deal with sexual abuse because sexual violence can have psychological, emotional, and quite often physical effects on a survivor. The final scene of opening the window symbolizes the breath of fresh air, the new beginning, in other words, the courage to reveal the secret and seek liberation from an abuser. Moreover, it is critical to understand that no form of abuse exists separately; there is no physical abuse without psychological, and economic abuse is often accompanied by sexual abuse.

Abuser says: That will be our secret.

Answer: All the secrets come out.

Truth will come out

The video images symbolize the victim's broken body and damaged soul. But the final scene contains harmony because silence is broken, all secrets stayed in the past thus bringing tranquility and peace. Abusers will test the waters, but if you put up any sort of resistance, they will back off. Getting out of an abusive relationship is never easy. It is even harder when a person has been isolated from family and friends, psychologically beaten down, financially controlled, and physically threatened. Nevertheless, everyone deserves to live free of fear of battery and abuse.

Abuser says: No one will believe you.

Answer: Truth will come out.


You can pay, but I am not for sale

This is a story about young females that are bought for sex. It shows financial abuse when a perpetrator uses financial manipulations thus limiting and controlling young women’s current and future actions and their freedom of choice. Due in part to the shame and secrecy associated with such abuses of power and money, it is hard to know how extensive the problem is. With this video, we want to emphasize that everyone can be independent, get an education, find a job, and succeed.

Abuser says: Who pays is in charge.

Answer: You can pay, but I am not for sale.

Love creates not destroy

According to estimates published by the WHO, approximately one in every three women (30%) in the world is subjected to intimate partner sexual violence during her lifetime. Often these women are also victims of psychological, physical, and economic abuse. They have nowhere to go, no one to tell, and society leaves them alone with the problem. It can't go on like this, and we can't stand by. Everyone must have a voice, and we have a responsibility to listen. This is the only way we can change the world and create a society without abusive behavior. Because love creates and not destroy.

Abuser says: No raping only love.

Answer: Love creates not destroy.

The consequences will be terrible, but the truth will be mine

This story is about men being emotionally abused by women who threaten to cause damage to the fetus and declare that it was the man who harmed the unborn child. It is emotional blackmail when a woman is a manipulator who uses fear, guilt, or obligation to get what she wants.

Abuser says: I’ll tell everyone that you did it.

Answer: the consequences will be terrible, but the truth will be mine.

It’s nobody’s fault

Physical abuse is perhaps the most common type of abuse in the world. Even nowadays in some countries wife-beating by a husband is still considered the norm and is even encouraged. A sense of security is gone from life, the person feels cornered. Often abusers justify themselves with uncontrollable instincts, blaming the victim for the provocation. But human has no right to cover his own aggressive behavior with his animal nature, for we are not animals. 

Abuser says: That’s your fault.

Answer: It’s nobody’s fault.

Not at the cost of my health

This video is related to abuse in sports. Unfortunately, athletic environments can create opportunities for abuse of children and adolescents at many levels involving not only direct contact but also negligence regarding athlete safety (e.g., forced/inappropriate training loads and exertion). A recent study from the United Kingdom reported that 75% of young athletes in organized sports experienced psychological/emotional/physical abuse. Endangering young athlete's health creates such problems as eating disorders, overuse injuries, hazards of using performance-enhancing drugs. There has been a steady increase in the number of overuse injuries caused when adults push young athletes too hard or too far in training. No winning, no trophy or medal or national championship is worth destroying the health of even one child.

Abuser says: Victory at any cost.

Answer: Not at the cost of my health. 

Everyone got their own power

At some point the victim loses faith that her voice will be heard while being subjected to systematic violence. It is hard to believe in your own strength when you are pinned against the wall and cannot move. And that's exactly how abused people feel. But physical superiority isn't everything if we hear the pleas for help and stop walking by. Our goal is to bring back the volume to these voices, to show that society is on their side and ready to help.

Abuser says: I’m stronger anyway.

Answer: Everyone got their own power.

I’ve always been myself

Victims of psychological abuse are often led to believe that they cannot do anything themselves. The abuser makes them believe that they are unable to control their own lives. He uses the living person as a puppet, telling them what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. As a result, the victim turns from a free person into a hostage without the right to choose. And fear leaves no possibility of ending the relationship. We intend to break this circle, as we are convinced that this attitude is unacceptable in today's society. Remember, each of us is living our own life, and no one has the right to take away this opportunity.

Abuser says: You’re nothing without me.

Answer: I’ve always been myself.